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Inglenook Crèche Child Care Centre has a well-established, approach to early learning. We believe that children are entitled to opportunities and choices that support and encourage their emotional, social, cognitive, physical growth and development.

Our learning program is consistent with the Ministry of Education Ontario Early Years Framework. Our educators create rich learning environments to promote safe exploration, plan and encourage growth as well as support success to reach their own personal potential. You will see posted documentation highlighting each child’s learning through their play experiences.

Children are competent, capable, curious and rich in potential

We see each child as a very unique individual who brings his or her own abilities to our centre and deserves the encouragement and space to try new things, explore new ideas and develop their own unique creativity.

We provide an environment that fosters curiosity and allows children to explore their surroundings. Items or articles to enhance a child’s curiosity may be added to a familiar situation to challenge a child’s thinking.

We understand the importance of taking children’s stages of development into consideration. For each child, their own stage of development is an individualized and complex interplay between developmental factors and their unique family, community and life experiences.